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GAFTA's aim to promote the international trade and to protect the interests of its members has been the driving force since 1878, when the London Corn Trade Association started operations.




The Senasa, is a decentralized agency dependent on the Secretariat of Agriculture (Sagpya), whose challenge is to strengthen the role of the national State in animal and plant health, food safety and environmental care.


Prefectura Naval Argentina es la fuerza por la cual ejerce: el servicio de policía de seguridad de la navegación, protección de las Aguas y el Comercio.





El Código de Práctica GTAS it is granted to Companies whose objective is to improve the level of services - competence and understanding regarding the control of pests, and fumigants in animal food products and in combinable commercialized crops.


The Federation of Associations of oils, seeds and fats is an international professional organism that arbitrates and issues contracts exclusively with companies selling seeds, oils and fats with 1123 members in 90 countries.