Fumigation Services

AB Group SRL is your best option for the care of your goods for pests control. The main objective is to provide the best service with the best technology and quality applying all our knowledge and experience for the care and protection of your merchandise. For our professionalism, services, products and permanent innovation, is that our customers decide to place their trust in us.

The Company

AB Group SRL is a company created to satisfy all the requeriment providing Integral Services in Fumigation of plagues control.
AB Group SRL offers different Fumigation Services, we have presence with our own offices in all ports and well in different countries, we provide an immediate and effective service to our clients. We have a policy of constantly investing in cutting-edge technology against pest control and that is why we offer the best and most efficient service to our customers.
We do not have territorial limits, we have offices in different countries as well as commercial agreements and cooperation with companies around the world, which is why AB Group SRL offers a global solution to their clients.

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