Fumigation Services

Fumigation Services

Vessels Fumigation: Our Fumigation department in Vessels has a great experience adding to our permanent training, which is what makes AB Group SRL your best option when it comes to protecting your goods. For the quality of our products and services, along with the high security control, is that your merchandise and staff are safe at the time of Fumigation in transit.


Standard Fumigation: It is the best used system for fumigation in ships, it consists of the application of tablets of Aluminium Phosphide by means of probes that are introduced into the goods. Once the phosphine GAS is released, it slowly descends through the goods and is distributed along throughout the vessel´s holds.


Container Fumigation: Before making a fumigation, our personnel inspect the container to make sure it is suitable for it. If necessary, we prepare the container so that the Fumigation is effective. For this fumigation, we use Aluminum Phosphide in blister specially designed for this type of fumigation, which guarantees the safety of each operation.


Fumigation with Sleeves: They are sleeves specially designed to retain the waste generated by the Tablets once the GAS has been released. The effectiveness in Fumigation is the same as applying with the traditional system using Probe. The design of the sleeves is resistant and inside they have the Aluminum Phosphide tablets, once applied on the surface of the merchandise they act by releasing the Phosphine Gas, retaining the residue and protecting the merchandise. Its extraction is very simple and fast.


Recirculation System: The application of the recirculation system allows to accelerate the times of Fumigation, increasing its effectiveness distributing the Phosphine Gas in a uniform way inside the vessel´s holds. Leaving the insect exposed to Phosphine Gas immediately. Pipes are applied on the entire surface of the warehouse prior to loading, they are drilled every 30 centimeters, the pipe is carried by the man step to the surface where the recirculation motor is applied. Once the merchandise is loaded, the aluminum phosphide tablets are applied, releasing the Phosphine Gas that is recirculated throughout the winery, achieving a fast and effective fumigation.