Silos – Wharehouse

Silos – Wharehouse

In AB Group SRL we offer the best technology for the pests control, it is a priority for us to invest in technology so that our customers have security, service and effectiveness they need in every fumigation of stored grains. The place is inspected, the best fumigation method is evaluated and then the correct Fumigation to achieve the best effectiveness work. In each treatment, AB Group SRL makes a guarantee certificate to the client, asserting that his merchandise will be in perfect conservation free of insects for the time that is stored, as well as when it is commercialized. The treatments can be by injecting GAS PHOSPHINE directly, by performing injected or with the recirculation system.

Conditioning: In this case the merchandise is sealed, so that when applying the fumigant there are no leaks, achieving an effective fumigation.


Fumigation applying liquid
By applying the right product, the merchandise can be stored for long periods without risk of being contaminated with live insects.